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Water/Dark Type

Huge Pokemon nerd here! From Squirtle to Sobble, I always pick the water starter. My true nature though lies with the Umbreons and Darkrais of the Pokemon universe. Karen the second generation dark type Elite Four member is my favorite trainer.

Oh hey! You found a secret page

Guns Up!

I am the only person in my family who didn't attend Texas Tech University. At Tech they put their guns up and cheer on the Red Raiders. But for me this hand gesture represents "you got it!" and symbolizes my can do attitude.

So Feminine

Like many other artists, I'm in love with the female form. The Swirl Girl is the embodiment of my obsession with curves and organic shapes. 

Why the Swirl Girl?

Bathed in Oil

Born and raised in the conservative oil town of Midland Texas, I have a unique relationship for the black gold. It has given me the opportunity to pursue toy design as a career but has also led recognize our world's desperate need for sustainable design.

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