During my 3 years working on the Pokemon brand as a designer at WCT/Jazwares I have developed a wide array of products including 90+ figures, role play items, action figures, plush, seasonal items, and electronic toys. 
I have overseen all stages of development from line plan architecture and concepting to manufacturing.
My team and I work closely with our internal teams, overseas manufacturers, and the licensor to deliver exceptional and exciting product.
Pokemon has been my favorite franchise since I was 7 years old so it has personally been an honor to create toys of my favorite Pokemon and to inspire the next generation of young trainers


Battle Feature Figures

Each 4.5" scaled figure features authentic details and unique dynamic mechanisms. These features showcases moves or the personality of the character. I worked to design figures that shoot flames, punch, spin, flap their wings, and even play guitar.

Clip 'N' Go 

Clip 'N' Go assortments combine original 2" figures with the Clip 'N' Go balls and can be worn and taken to battle

Clip 'N' Go Belt Set

Unique graphic design created for each belt

Feature Plush

Flame Action Charmander has been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have worked on in my career. I designed and pitched the concept, wrote the play pattern, art directed the voice acting, led the design of the plush body, and trouble shot the electronics for manufacturing. I led every stage of the process and delivered high quality plush that brings to life the cute but fiery character of Charmander.

Char! Char!

25+ Phrases and Reactions

Seasonal and Basic Plush

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